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Add a shared Google Calendar to your OS X Calendar | Hurt Technology Add a shared Google Calendar to your OS X Calendar | Hurt Technology

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Add a shared Google Calendar to your OS X Calendar

If someone in your Google Apps organization has shared a calendar with your Google Apps account, here is how to add it to your OS X Calendar so you can read and write to the Google Calendar from within the Calendar app on your Mac.

If you have questions related to using Google Apps and OS X, leave them in the comments section of this page and I’ll create a solution for you.


  1. Mac with Calendar.app, OS X Version 10.10 and up.
  2. A Gmail, Google for Work,  or Google for Education account that is setup for use on your Mac.


  1. Check to make sure you have setup your Google Apps or Gmail account correctly with your Mac.
    1. Open up System Preferences.System_Preferences
    2. Click on “Internet Accounts” then click on the Google account that you have previously added.Blank_Skitch_Document
    3. If you see your account showing in this section and your Calendars checkbox is filled, you are ready to add the calendar. If not, another tutorial will be available here soon.
  2. If the previous step is correct, then open up the Calendar app. You can access the Calendar app from the launchpad if needed.
  3. In Calendar, click on the Calendar menu item and select “Preferences”._and_Menubar
  4. In Calendar Preferences you should see a tab labeled “Accounts”, in this tab you should see your Google account and when you click on it you can see your account Delegation. You then need to click the checkbox next to the calendar you need to show up on your Mac.Accounts

Now you can view/add/edit the Google Calendar that was shared with you.

If you prefer, you can watch the short Youtube video that I created below. I tried out a new microphone, but haven’t setup the audio correctly yet so I sound like I’m in a bucket.

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